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Sergey Kotovsky

Sergey Kotovsky is specializing at correction of dysfunctions. Working in coordination with dentists and ortodontists Dr.Kotovsky is preventing the risks which may be concurrent to the orthodontic treatment by correcting the bones of the face, skull and cervical spine. Also Dr.Kotovsky assists patients in solving of such a problems as various curvatures of posture, flatfoot, encephalopathy, neurological diseases, consequences of the operations, reduced immunity.



2010, Institute of Restorative Medicine, specialization: medical massage.

2014, State-Financed Educational Institution of the Higher Professional Education of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 1st Moscow State Medical Institute n.a. I.M.Sechenov, faculty of Preventive Medicine, specialization: doctor.

2015, National Research Institute of Public Health n.a. N.A.Semashko, specialization: public health and medical care.

2017, Russian Higher school of osteopathic medicine, specialization: osteopath.

2018, graduate study in the 1st Moscow State Medical Institute n.a. I.M.Sechenov.

«Use of osteopathy in the treatment of problems of the dental and maxillofacial system is not so well known in our country, but has been successfully established abroad for a long time. Osteopathy helps to balance the patient's body; our goal is harmonious functioning of all the systems»

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